Hello, My Name is Erica

DSC_0435Everyone has secrets; this is no new revelation. However, when I think of it in visual terms it astounds me. What would it be like if everyone walked around holding a sign with their innermost secrets? What would it be like if the first thing people found out about you was the thing you want no one to know? It makes me wonder what my sign would say; would it give a detailed description of the amount time I wasted online? Would it have a timer with the amount of hours of tv I’ve watched in my lifetime? Would it be inscribed with the words hypocrite, prideful, unforgiving, liar, thief, and insecure?

I think my sign would say something like this….

Hello, my name is Erica.

Although I’d hate to admit it the reality is that my life isn’t as busy as I make it seem sometimes. I have many lapses of time when I could do something productive, but instead I sit and waste time watching things that, in the timeline of eternity, are meaningless. I wish I was an exciting person with an adventurous spirit that loved hiking, biking, bungee jumping, etc. However, the reality is I would much rather spend a quiet evening at home alone reading, watching some TV show or YouTube video. I’m a hypocrite because the things that I hate the most in people are the things that at a careful introspective glance I see in myself. I am ashamed to say that I’m prideful. I’m in a constant battle to check my actions and true motivations; are they based out of pride or love and compassion? There have been times in my life when I’ve cared more about what people think of me than what God thinks of me. I’m a lying, resentful, unforgiving person. I am awesome at tricking myself into thinking that I don’t care what people say or do. I can easily and secretly dismiss and ignore people that did something to offend me or God in a way that is even worse than ignoring them completely, because sometimes I don’t realize that I harbor unforgiveness towards them.

You would think that seeing the impact God has had in the lives of people around me would make me believe that people can change, that God can redeem and make all things new, but instead my default setting is “people are stupid and you can’t reason with stupid”. I am a thief, stealing the time that God has given me to do things that satisfy me and not him. I’ve neglected my calling saying “no caring for people is too painful God” “you invest your time, energy and love only to face disappointment or a knife in the back”.

Although the beginning of my sign would reveal all of my sins, I would hope it’d end something like this…

This is why I am so grateful for God’s forgiving power. Even though we may be wretched human beings with many shortcomings His grace is sufficient to cover it all, to help us conform ourselves into the image of Christ, and to become a perfect and spotless bride.

Rantings of a High School English Teacher:: Plagiarism Makes Me Sad

The creativity and critical reasoning that young brains are capable of astounds me. Minds so bright and astute, witty remarks that make it hard to maintain my composure.

Yet all that capacity and potential remains dormant; dulled by laziness or lack of motivation.

I aim to inspire, to awaken, to ignite, to kindle creative and critical thinking, but progress is slow and sometimes disheartening.


It’s seems like in this modern age

every woman seeks to ring the bell of independence.

The picture of the damsel in distress is somewhat of a undesired image.

The air of feminism has invaded every inch of our society.


Our mentality has shifted,

we have allowed ourselves to believe.


To believe that we don’t need to be dependent,

that there is no need for a man or God,

that we can do ALL things in OUR strength,

OUR might and OUR power.


However, we couldn’t be more WRONG.

We all need to be dependent.


To be dependent on His grace that’s so forgiving

on His never-ending mercy,

on His might that so astounding,

on His unceasing faithfulness,

on His love that’s everlasting,

on His undeserving favor,

on His magnificent beauty,

on His ingenious creativity,

on the splendor of His glory,

on His astonishing holiness,

on  His unquestionable wisdom and supremacy

on all that He is!


So here it is, my confession

I am needy.

I’m broken,

hopelessly useless without Him.

I am that damsel in distress,

constantly needing my King to come and rescue me.


Everything that I am and everything that I will ever become is all wrapped up into one word DEPENDENT.

No matter how much I hate to have to rely on other people,

I have to confess that I am utterly and completely DEPENDENT on HIM!!!

My dad is brave because…


It takes a brave man to live a consecrated life.

It takes a brave man to follow his calling no matter how difficult, or uncertain the path may be in the beginning.

It takes a brave man to work with people and even a braver one to pastor them.

It takes a brave man to demonstrate true humility by actions not just words and I have witnessed acts of humility by his part many times.

20140615-150759-54479249.jpgIt takes a truly brave man to say no to the shiny opportunities this world may present and to simply trust God.

It takes a brave man to make a lifetime commitment to a spouse and faithfully keep it.

And it takes a brave man to marry a Solis woman.


To the bravest dad in the world, I love you and it makes me proud to say I’m your daughter.






10 Things I’ve learned in 1 year of blogging

Today marks 1 year from the time that I made the commitment to not let fear stop me and joined wordpress.

The following are 10 things I have learned about blogging during these past 12 months.


  1. It is not easy.
  2. Write what know, what is in your heart, and what you are passionate about.
  3. If you wait for your piece to be perfect you’ll never post a thing.
  4. Concise and to the point blogs get more hits.
  5. Don’t do it for the hits, if you do you’ll quit by your third post.
  6. If happenings of life inspire you and you don’t have time to write about them, record your thoughts so you can develop them into a blog post later. Use whatever is at hand whether it be a napkin and a pen, or your iPhone notepad. (I sometimes even use voice memos J)
  7. Don’t let the negative voices get to you, whether they be in your head, or simply text on your computer from a hater.
  8. If you want people to read your post, take the time to read, comment and follow fellow bloggers as yourself; be part of the community.
  9. Don’t let the numbers discourage you. Simply do what you are called to do and trust God will do the rest.
  10. Always make sure that your motivation for writing is in the right place; write out of love for the people and a desire to glorify God.

30 Second Thought #9 // Pensamientos de 30 Segundos #9

I have been a PK (pastors kid) my whole life. I have seen many come to Christ and sadly I have also seen many go, but its night like the one we had last night that make my heart happy. The Lord has transformed the lives of many families of our church and it is awesome to see them all working together with one single task in mind; to advance the kingdom of Christ on this earth. God is so good!


He sido hija de pastor toda mi vida. He visto muchos que han vienido a Cristo y tristemente también he visto muchos que se han ido. Sin embargo,son noches como la de ayer que hacen mi corazón feliz. El Señor ha transformado la vida de muchas familias de nuestra iglesia y es impresionante ver a todos trabajando en conjunto con una sola tarea en mente; avanzar el reino de Cristo en esta tierra. !Dios es tan bueno!

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30Second Thought # 8: A Christians Masquerade Ball // Pensamientos de 30Segundos #8: El Baile de Mascaras de un Cristiano

Many Christians now and days live their life like a masquerade ball, disguising the reality of their spirituality. Appearing pretty to the church, with their beautiful gown and luscious hair, while living in filth and rot. Dancing around with the things of this world, twirling about with hidden sin. Fluctuating between light and darkness. This needs to STOP because “what communion hath light with darkness?” NO more hesitation but determination, NO more fluctuating but contemplating, on His word that is truth and life, that renews and restores. We need to STOP with the indecisiveness and chose to be either cold or hot, for if we don’t we will be SPEWED OUT of the mouth of the Lord!! 




Muchos cristianos hoy en día viven su vida como un baile de máscaras, disfrazando la realidad de su espiritualidad. Apareciendo bastante a la iglesia, con su hermoso vestido y pelo, mientras que viven en la inmundicia y podredumbre. Bailando con las cosas de este mundo, girando sobre el pecado oculto, Fluctuando entre la luz y la oscuridad. Esto tiene que parar, porque “¿qué comunión tiene la luz con las tinieblas?” NO más dudas, sino determinación. NO más fluctuante sino contemplando, en su palabra que es la verdad y la vida, que renueva y restaura. ¡Tenemos que dejar de ser indecisitos y elegir ser frío o caliente, pues si no lo hacemos seremos vomitados de la boca del Señor!